Find and book meeting rooms direct from your smartphone

Browse and search

Browse and search Exchange Address books* or Google App Resources to find the rooms your interested in.

Check availability at a glance

Favourite the rooms you use the most and check their availability with a glance of your phone.

Scan a QR code Pro

Scan a specially crafted QR code to view a rooms schedule without knowing its details. Read more...

Book Rooms

Create a booking for the room your interested in and secure it for your next meeting.

Book a room with the tap of your finger!

Book any room

Create a booking for any room. Just choose a brief description, when it starts and how long it's for. The meeting will be added to the room's calendar, securing it for you!

Invite other people to your meetingPro

Add your co-workers to booking to ensure they get an invite to attend.

Quick Booking Pro

By enabling Quick Booking under settings, you can book a meeting room with one click. It will start at the current time and use your default subject and duration.

Configuration is simple and usually automatic*

Microsoft Exchange and Office 365

Using Exchange AutoDiscovery, Roomr can usually determine your settings with just your email address and password. Roomr uses Exchange Web Serivces and MAPI to perform its functions.

Google Apps

Roomr supports Google Apps account using the Google Calendar API. Access can be revoked at any time from your Google Calendar account.


Your credentials are stored securely within the app and only used when communicating with your Exchange server. All communication is done over HTTPS. Google Apps access uses Tokens, so your password is never used or stored by Roomr directly.