Contact details

You can get in touch by dropping me an email -

I also maintain a Twitter account for Roomr - @Roomrapp.

Who is this app for?

This app is for anyone that needs a meeting room, but that doesn't want to physically check which ones are free and which are busy. The Roomr app is also very useful for offices spread across several floors so you won't waste anymore time going up and down stairs!

I built Roomr to try and solve these problems. By having a list of all your meeting rooms in your pocket, you don't need to return to your desk to open Microsoft Outlook. You can see, at a glance, which rooms are free & busy. You can even place a booking to secure a room before somebody else does!

How does it work?

Roomr connects directly to Microsoft Exchange in the same way that Outlook does. Roomr uses a technology in Exchange called Exchange Web Services. Because of this, not all versions of Exchange are supported. Roomr needs Exchange 2007 and above are supported. For Room Lists, Exchange 2007 SP1 and above it required.

Is it difficult to setup?

Not at all. Roomr's usually finds your Exchange information automatically. You will only need your email address and your password. If your Exchange server doesn't support AutoDiscovery, you will need your Exchange server name, which your IT department should be able to give you.

Is it secure? Where are my credentials stored?

The credentials you enter are stored securely on your device and only used when communicating with your Exchange Server. The are never sent anywhere else. Roomr also uses HTTPS, so all information send from your iPhone to Exchange is encrypted, so nobody else can snoop on it.

I want to buy Roomr for every employee in my company. Can you give me a discount?

It depends. As Roomr is distributed through the Apple AppStore and Google Play, it's not possible to apply a discount for purchases made that way. If you are a member of Apple's Enterprise program and want to deploy a bespoke version of Roomr, please get in touch.

Does Roomr support my company's MDM?

Roomr includes some enterprise features and can be distributed via your own in-house mechanism if you wish. Read more on the enterprise page.